Barry Pressman Biography

PureTek Corporation uses the expertise of its founder, Chairman, President and CEO, Barry Pressman, a pharmacist who has over 55 years of experience in the retail drug and manufacturing segments of the pharmaceutical industry.

Barry brings a successful and diverse background to his current position as a top executive in the pharmaceutical field.  Through the start-up and operation of three very successful companies, he has managed virtually every aspect of both retail marketing and product manufacturing.

Born in New York City in 1941, Barry received his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree from the Brooklyn College of Pharmacy in 1962.  After moving to Los Angeles, he co-founded Bi-Rite Drug Stores, a five-store chain with multi-million dollar annual sales.

After nine years in retail pharmacy management and ownership, he went on to be a co-founder of Pharmavite Corporation.  Barry conceived of the niche that launched Nature Made Vitamins:  a broad line vitamin program for mass merchandisers.  The Nature Made vitamin program, has gone on to become the #1 nationally recognized brand.  By distributing a broad-line of vitamins through retail drug, food and mass merchandisers as well as assuring the highest standard of quality controls by exceeding legal and regulatory standards, Pharmavite penetrated and achieved a dominant market share.

In 1988, Pharmavite sought funds for a new manufacturing facility and a significant new marketing campaign.  However, the search for additional equity capital instead resulted in the 100% sale of the business to Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, a major Japanese pharmaceutical entity headquartered in Osaka, Japan.  The sale of Pharmavite was finalized in January 1989, and Barry entered into a three-year employment agreement to continue to operate and manage the business.  He was instrumental in bringing Pharmavite to its next level of growth.  North American factory sales of Pharmavite products are now in excess of $900MM annually. 

As Chairman of the Board, Barry was heavily involved in the corporation's financial decisions, as well as manufacturing and operations.  He has gained a high level of expertise and knowledge of the marketing, operational, regulatory, financial and sales aspects of the industry.

With the culmination of his contract in 1992, Barry founded PureTek Corporation, an enterprise that is expanding on his talents; enabling him to enter into new arenas left untouched by his previous endeavors.  As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, he has created PureTek from the ground up to be a state-of-the-art FDA approved manufacturing facility producing top quality pharmaceutical products.  As it was conceived, PureTek is astonishingly versatile in its operations:  liquid and tablet compounding, compression, granulation, liquid filling, tablet bottle filling, in-line labeling, and blister packaging are some of the in-house processes utilized.

Incorporated in March 1991, the initial two years of PureTek's life was dedicated to the building of the facility itself.  The first products introduced were shipped in the spring of 1993. By the summer of 1994, PureTek's top-notch team of professional managers had been assembled, encompassing the areas of operations, engineering, R&D, purchasing, finance and marketing.

Product lines thus far introduced have sought market niches in OTC (Over the Counter) and HBA (Health & Beauty Aids), among others.  Several product lines have been rolled out since PureTek Corporation started doing business.  One of the lines consists of a spa and salon quality hair and skin care series of products totaling 17 S.K.U.'s.  PureTek's thrust into the demanding realm of Pharmaceuticals has thus far included intense preparation for the filing of ANDA's, two of which are awaiting FDA approval, with four more close to submission.

Barry has a proven commitment to business.  He is a hands-on manager with an eye for "windows" of opportunity at the retail level.  He understands what it takes to start up a new venture.  He brings energy, knowledge and enthusiasm to PureTek.  He sees opportunities.  He controls his own destiny.  He is a leader in the industry, not a follower.  And he believes in providing a quality product.  The retail experience he gained early in his career has become an integral part of his ability to anticipate consumer-purchasing habits.  The foregoing, coupled with his strong manufacturing background, enables him to maximize his ability to gain national distribution in the wholesale, mass merchandiser and drug channels.

Barry has been actively involved in the PLMA (Private Label Manufacturing Association) since its formation.  He has attended every PLMA show since its beginning when there were only forty or so affiliates.  The PLMA show is now one of the largest trade shows in the U.S. with over 1,000 exhibitors.  Through his association with PLMA he has made numerous customer contacts.  It also has given him a strong knowledge of the private label marketplace, the competition, new trends and concepts and who the key retailers are.  This, combined with his launching of several branded product lines, rounds out his overall knowledge of the consumer packaged product goods market.

Over the years, Barry has established many valuable, long-term relationships with key retailers, which gives him the unique ability to distribute products to over 55,000 outlets throughout the United States and Canada.  Barry is a member of the American Pharmaceutical Association and the California Pharmacist's Association.  He has received the Distinguished Alumni award in 2004 from his Alma Mater (Brooklyn College of Pharmacy). 

Barry has been a licensed pharmacist since 1963 and a member in good standing of the APhA & CPhA who has always supported pharmacy as an industry.  He has owned five successful pharmacies located in California, and was the co-founder and Chairman of Pharmavite (makers of Nature Made Vitamins).

Throughout the past decade Barry has partnered PureTek up with others leaning more toward servicing prescription drug products. This includes two urinary antiseptic prescription drugs and the Dermacin convenience line now being sold to Compounding Pharmacies.